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This Week at CLUE

CLUE is the UW's free, late-night, multidisciplinary study center located in Mary Gates Hall. Open Sunday through Thursday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., it is an inclusive space for all students to receive academic support.

We offer drop-in tutoring, discussion sessions led by graduate and senior undergraduate students, exam reviews, and a writing center.

Looking for accommodations or a quiet space to use CLUE? Contact us at clue@uw.edu

Chem Excel Workshop Materials:



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Meet the Tutors


Junior, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tutor in: Chemistry

I'm excited about: Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry

Samantha K.

Senior, Bioengineering

Tutor in: Chemistry

I'm excited about: Thermodynamics


Junior, Math and Physics

Tutor in: Physics

I'm excited about: The Lagrangian, conservation laws


Senior, Materials Science & Engineering

Tutor in: Math

I'm excited about: Differential equations and applied math


Graduated 2018, Mathematics with a minor in philosophy.

Tutor in: Math

I'm excited about: logic, proofs, and using Wolfram Alpha.


Graduated, Math

Tutor in: Math

I'm excited about: Abstract Algebra, but I enjoy going full nerd on anything from unit conversion to Laplace transforms


, Math

Tutor in: Math

I'm excited about: I love math, and in particular creative problem solving. I hope to inspire other students to appreciate and enjoy math


Senior, Bioengineering

Tutor in: Math

I'm excited about: Integral Calculus, Modeling real-world systems


Junior, Physics

Tutor in: Physics

I'm excited about: quantum physics and plasma physics


Senior, Architectural Design

Tutor in: Writing

I'm excited about: I love reading essays about film. I also enjoy research papers, especially about political or social issues.


Junior, Psychology, intended International Studies

Tutor in: Writing

I'm excited about: Organization, clarifying ideas, finding the perfect word, and changing writing to a joy rather than an obligation


, Biochemistry, Chemistry, English

Tutor in: Chemistry

I'm excited about: inorganic/transition metal chemistry since I did some research in that field, and I also love spectroscopy


Senior, History (emphasis in Empires and Colonialism), Minors in Diversity and Education, Endorsements in History and Social Studies

Tutor in: Writing

I'm excited about: meeting UW students, and creating relationships with them while simultaneously guiding them with a growth mindset towards success in writing and thinking!


Junior, Statistics

Tutor in: Math

I'm excited about: Calculus & Real Analysis.

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“Through CLUE I have made new friends. It helped me adapt to college classes by teaching me useful techniques in writing papers and reading effectively.”
“I loved the discussions because they allowed me to think of the topics on a deeper level, and encouraged others to do the same.”
“You believed in me and gave me the extra opportunities I needed to succeed, and I thank you.”
“Shout out to Thao for a great Physics 123 review session last night! It was definitely helped me review the material! Probably the best session I've been to yet! Keep doing you!”
“Shout-out for Ryan Beaty for a great review session for PHYS 322!”
“Jesse was really helpful with teaching Math 307!”
“I had Jesse for the MATH 309 Exam Review Session ... I had a great experience -- Jesse was incredibly clear, helpful, and it was evident that he knew exactly what he was talking about. I felt like he was able to help me understand the necessary concepts that I needed to know in order to do well on my exam this week. He did an amazing job and I would recommend that he do ALL of the future Math Review Sessions. Keep up the amazing work Jesse!”
“Jesse is the best. I am always relieved when I see that he's my tutor for a review session, because I know I'll be in good hands. Honestly. This man should be a professor. He's very thorough and friendly, and even excited. He's great at what he does and always puts on the most helpful review sessions. I'm his biggest fan. He's knows exactly what we're going over in class and really lays it out.”
“Math 307 exam review on 28th April by Jamie Nunez was great. She sure is a good clue tutor :)”
“CLUE excel workshop was really helpful! I never used excel before coming here, and now I feel confident enough to use it for chem 142.”
“All of Chloe's math exam review sessions are super helpful! She's a huge help and has a wonderful attitude!”
“Great program with excellent, accessible resources”
“Because of CLUE, I got a CLUE!”
“I love Jamie and everyone is so helpful!”
“CLUE is AWESOME!! Love the exam review sessions, they should expand that and offer reviews for more classes!”
“Shout out to Katie for helping me with the math 125 midterm papers. You rock!”
“fantastic, just great!”
“It's always good to know that there's CLUE I can go to to get help and meet peers who are also struggling”
“Nala is the best FDM partner ever! :)”
“You don't need to be a detective to get a CLUE.”
“If you're staying up until 2, don't rue, visit the CLUE crew.”
“I enjoy the collaborative and open atmosphere and meeting other people who are struggling on similar topics but may have some insight that I don't yet. The tutors are great!”
“CLUE gave me another resource for understanding material.”
“I like that CLUE offers convenient, easy-access tutors that never judge me and help me understand and think through the material”
“Getting valuable writing help was very nice. I was hesitant to go, thinking that students may not be good at editing, but I got 100% on my essay and could not be happier with the help I received from my tutor.”
“The Writing Center does have really fabulous tutors. They know what they're doing.”
“The tutors who work there are incredibly friendly and helpful. I also like that there are enough people who go to CLUE from whom I can discuss classes we have in common and help each other as we get help from tutors together.”
“CLUE is great for getting help with writing. I also appreciate the late hours and it really helps to get one on one help.”
“The tutors really get to know you (if there aren't a lot of students to begin with) and they really care about you. I appreciate how the tutors want us to succeed and will explain things in many different ways as possible for us students to understand.”
“I like being able to receive immediate advice on how to solve difficult problems and also work with other students who are taking the same courses.”
“Scott was extremely helpful. He went out of his way to help us and I am grateful to him eternally.”