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College is a time of transition, but building strong academic habits can reduce some of the pressure. These pages will help you identify study strategies for subject ranging from writing to chemistry, try out some tools for time management, and find some on-campus resources that can help you in the process. Read on for more tips.

Tips for Success at the UW

These tips are about every aspect of your college journey including your academic success, physical & mental health, and on-campus community. 

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Time Management

Time management is integral to success as a college student, and it can help you manage responsibilities across school, work, and your personal life - here are some tips that can inform your planning!

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Whether it's a Chemistry or Comparative History of Ideas, most college classes require you to study smart, especially as you juggle work, school, and other responsibilities. Read on for more tips on organizing your study sessions, setting realistic goals, and staying on top of your coursework.

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Effective Reading

A lot of college classes require you to learn on your own, often through outside resources. Reading is a big part of that, and you'll be asked to identify significant details and main points from literature or assigned readings throughout your coursework in college. Here are some strategies for going through a text to identify the main ideas and draw your own conclusions.

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Academic Writing

Writing is a part of every discipline in some way, and it's a skill that can be developed with practice! Read on for more tips on structuring your writing, identifying your audience, and citing your sources.

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Writing Resources

Writing is a process, and you never have to go at it alone! Read on for on-campus resources that can 1) support you with any part of the writing process from brainstorming and outlining to polishing your final draft as well as 2) finding relevant sources and citing them.

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Math & Science Courses

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses tend to focus on problem solving and understanding the process behind things. Read on for more tips about staying on top of the coursework and preparing for STEM tests.

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Preparing for Tests

Tests are a significant part of many college courses, so here are tips for structuring your study time, using your resources, and preparing for different types of exams.

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Applications & Personal Statements

Personal statements, resumes, and cover letters can be challenging genres because they are so different than writing for an academic context. Here are some tips for brainstorming and structuring your work in each of these writing situations!

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