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Ryan Burt

Hi there! I was born and raised in Eastern Washington before moving to our lovely Emerald City to study at the University of Washington. The UW was big, but I was lucky to have friendly professors and inviting programs that made me feel connected and at home. For me that is a great goal for us in Academic Support Programs: to make every student feel supported and at home.  

I loved my undergraduate experience, where I studied English and the Comparative History of Ideas, and decided to continue my studies. In graduate school, I spent a lot of time thinking about how American universities can better welcome a diverse student population and offer classes that reflect an equally diverse curriculum.  Graduate school was difficult, but truly rewarding. In 2008 I received my PhD in the English Department at the UW.  

Over the years I have studied in Italy and Spain and taught for two years at a large public university in Southern Morocco. As I know how exhilarating, mind-opening and challenging it can be to live and learn in a country and culture that is not your own, I am grateful to be part of a team in Academic Support Programs committed to helping our students from all corners of the world succeed.  

Outside of school I love playing and listening to all kinds of music (I’m a drummer), checking out art, cooking, and getting into the beautiful Washington State out-of-doors. I love hanging with my family and friends.  After seeing some amazing parts of the world, I can say that Seattle is one of my favorite places to be.  

Please come visit me in ASP and let me know how I can help you at the University of Washington!

(206) 685-5347