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Work with us ​to ​foster ​a ​sense ​of ​community ​among ​UW ​students ​and ​staff. ​We ​value teamwork ​and ​strive ​to ​develop ​a ​growth ​mindset ​in ​the ​students ​we ​work ​with. ​This means we ​focus ​on ​higher-order ​thinking ​and ​supporting ​students ​to ​become independent ​learners. ​We ​teach ​the ​process ​of ​learning ​and ​skill ​building, ​not ​just ​content expertise.

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We are not currently hiring. Please check back for open positions. 

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Hiring Success Coaches

Academic Support Programs (ASP) is the UW’s leading office in providing academic support to students of diverse social, economic, cultural, ideological, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We are housed in Mary Gates Hall and are a part of UAA (Undergraduate Academic Affairs) and carry out various models of support to help UW students realize their potential both at the university and beyond. This year, ASP will be expanded their success coaching program through the implementation of For U, By U.

For U, By U was envisioned to help the university alleviate the compounding struggles that underrepresented students face. We define underrepresented students as those who delayed their enrollment into the UW, transferred from another school, have children, were reinstated, or identify as a person of color and/or from a low-income economic standing. By creating a support program made for and run by underrepresented students, we hope to foster a sense of community where they feel more comfortable and better prepared to thrive both on and off campus.

Success coaches are the core of For U, By U. They provide academic support in 30-minute, one-on-one meetings with students. In these meetings, you focus on topics such as time management, study strategies, test taking skills, reading comprehension, motivation, and goal setting. Your duties will also include: outreach to the UW community, creating and presenting success skills workshops, sending pre- and post-appointment emails, compiling appointment notes, and other duties as assigned.

Success coaches must commit to working at least 5 hours per week for the full academic year. Being able to complete one shift during day hours (10am-5pm) and one shift during evening/night hours (5-9pm) is expected. All success coaching activities will take place in Mary Gates Hall, unless otherwise stated. Additionally, success coaches are required to register for and successfully complete the EDUC 401 Tutor-Mentor course offered through The Pipeline Project for Academic Support Programs in autumn quarter. The course is scheduled for Tuesdays 3:30 pm - 4:50 pm and 6:00 - 7:20 pm. Coaches must be in 1 of these sections.

This position will provide you with the opportunity to explore and gain expertise in the following areas: Higher education leadership and student support services, advising and mentorship, cross-cultural exchange, relationship building, and cultivation of a diverse and inclusive community. Please refer to the requirements, qualifications, expectations, and instructions on how to apply below.

Required Courses

Success coaches are required to have successfully completed the EDUC 401 Tutor-Mentor course offered through The Pipeline Project for Academic Support Programs.



This position pays $15.71 for autumn quarter and $16 for winter and spring quarters. Undergraduates are preferred but graduate students are welcome to apply as well.


To Apply:

Go to Handshake to upload documents AND complete external required application link. Be sure to upload your resume and unofficial transcript on Handshake then it will take you to the application link.

 Job #2035202

Application Closes on October 10, 2018!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the positions within Academic Support Programs (ASP)?

ASP staff is made up of a Student Success Coach, Drop-in Tutors, Upstairs Discussion Session Leaders and front desk managers.

-ASP selects 1 tutor-mentor from our EDUC 401 Tutoring and Mentorship in Higher Education course to work as our Student Success Coach for the year.

-Drop-in Tutors work in the following subjects.

-Discussion/Upstairs Session Leaders are chosen by faculty teaching a specific section of a course. They can be the current TA for the course or a student who has done well that the professor selects. The leader is hired on by APS to run weekly sessions for that quarter the class is being taught. 

Can I work at ASP if I am no longer a student?

No, ASP only hires UW undergraduate students (those who will be students for the school year hired).

A Discussion/Upstairs Session Leader does not have to be an undergraduate or even a student at all.

What is the application/hiring timeline and process to be a Drop-in Tutors?

We hire the bulk of our positions in spring quarter for the next academic year. 

There is a Google Form to be filled out and materials to submit.

We will look through applications and select the top candidates to interview. We will notify everyone about whether they received an interview or not. Interviews will be conducted during spring quarter after the application closes. We will then notify interviewees if they are hired or not. If hired, we will collect some information/paperwork to have the candidate begin shadowing current tutors.

If a position becomes available throught the year, we will post and take applications at that time but that would be an exception. 

Can I apply to be a Drop-in Tutor for more than one subject?

Yes, you can apply for more than one subject. You cannot be hired to work more than one subject. If you are selected to interview for more than one subject, you may find out if you were hired for one subject before interviewing for the second subject. You will need to decide if you prefer that first subject and drop out of interviews for the second subject or decline the first subject and interview for the second, not knowing if you will get the position. 

How do I know if I qualify to be a Drop-in Tutor?

Read through the position description to see what the required courses and requirements are for each of the positions.

How much do I get paid to be a Drop-in Tutor or Discussion/Upstairs Session Leader?

That depends on your level of education. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the pay rate is $16.32/hour for undergraduate students and $20.06/hour for graduate students. 

How do I apply to be a Drop-in Tutor?

Submit your application and required materials when applications open. There will be a link to an application posted if we are hiring. When we are not hiring we do not open the application.