Thrive is a series of weekly messages in MyUW designed to help students in their first year. This page contains a copy of the 2016-17 Thrive messages. To learn more about Thrive or provide feedback on the project, contact Michaelann Jundt, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs at


While there are many things to do as you adjust to campus life, these just-in-time tips can help you know when and what to focus on during the coming months. Created by experienced students, faculty and advisers, the messages provide pointers on how to explore opportunities and make the most of your learning experiences, meet people and connect to important campus resources, and create the foundation of your university career.

Thrive is one of many efforts of the Husky Experience — an initiative designed to help all students opt in to the kinds of experiences that comprise a vital and well-rounded 21st century education. Its focus is on the broad skills, knowledge and abilities gained through classroom learning, as well as through high impact experiences such as study abroad, jobs and internships, research and leadership projects, and participation in clubs and community organizations.


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Study skills


week o

Making Connections

Meeting others is a great way to put down roots at the UW. And the friends you make here will enrich and shape your college experience.

Attend three Dawg Daze events that interest you. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself — Groups from all over campus are excited to have first year students join their activities.

UW Dawg Daze
U101: Finding Your Place

week 1

All the Time in the World?

With just a few hours of classes a day, how will you spend your free time? The best way to fit in your coursework, fun, and self-care is to structure it.

Create a weekly schedule. Include classes, time for study and your job, but also time for socializing and self-care. Leave room to tweak your schedule to meet academic demands and accommodate unexpected events.

Time Management Tips
Apps for Time Management
Tips for Success at UW

week 2

Find Your People, Make Your Place

Student organizations, campus events, and volunteering are just some of the ways you can find community and build skills beyond the classroom.

Look for engaging activities that also have a strong, welcoming community. A student organization, a performance group, or sports team is a place to start. You’ll make friends and learn and grow from the people around you.

Student Activities Office
Ethnic Cultural Center
Recreational Sports

week 3

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Studying well doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s not an impossible skill to master.

Pro tips from UW Faculty: attend all classes, review lecture notes promptly, join a study group (meet 90 mins/week), and become comfortable asking for help. Try forming a study group or attending office hours — both are a great ways to deepen your understanding of course material.

UW CLUE Study Tips
U101: Study Skills
UW CLUE Offerings

week 4

Write a Better Paper

Faced with your first college paper? The Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) can help.

Bring your paper draft to a writing consultant at OWRC — make an appointment today!

Odegaard Writing and Research Center
Tips for Academic Writing
Other UW Writing Help

week 5

Advisers Can Help!

Need help clarifying interests and goals? Want more information on a course of study? Partner with a general or departmental adviser to shape your academic career!

Drop in or make an appointment to see an adviser. Questions you could ask: How do I choose classes if I’m thinking about multiple majors? Are there ways to tell if a class will be good before enrolling?

Undergraduate Advising
OMA&D Advising

week 6

Feeling Stressed?

It’s normal to feel anxious your first quarter. Thankfully, there are easy and constructive ways to help yourself feel better.

Get good sleep, eat well, exercise, and get outside. Talk to friends or family. You can also try meditation or simple breathing exercises.

Ten Tips for Better Sleep
Guided Audio Relaxation Sessions
Get Help at UW Health and Wellness
Students Talk about Mental Health at UW

week 7

Choosing Classes? Get Curious

What intrigues you? What do you care about? How do you want to make a difference? Curiosity is at the heart of learning, so tune in and follow where it leads!

Find issues you care about and then browse related suggestions or search for courses and see what speaks to you.

Adviser-Suggested Courses
UN List of Global Issues
Search for Courses in MyPlan

week 8

Finals Prep

The key to succeeding, especially during finals, is to balance your individual studying with the effectiveness of a study group. It’s not too late to get a group together.

Talk to others in your class! Use your group to review lecture notes, predict test questions, and practice essay responses.

Tips for Successful Studying
U101: Faculty Advice on Studying

week 10

Money, Money, Money

Dining dollars dwindling? Coffee consuming cash? Now’s the time to get a handle on your finances.

Track your spending for a week. Then create a realistic budget (see tips below).

U101: Budgeting in College
6 Money Tips for Students

week 11

You’re Almost There!

Finish the quarter strong by making healthy habits a priority. Research has shown that better sleep = better exam grades. Take care of yourself and your brain will thank you.

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Balance individual studying with group work. Take 10 minutes to recharge every hour. Snack smart for brain power. And when you’re done, celebrate!

Sleep Linked to Higher Test Scores
Study Tips for Tests


week 1

Welcome back!

What are your hopes and aspirations for 2017? What did you learn in your first quarter at UW that you can build on?

Set aside time for yourself — or ask a friend to join you — to take a look at the link below and choose two resolutions that speak to you.

New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

week 2

Commit to Community

Develop your skills while making a difference in your community. Your passion and commitment are needed.

Volunteer on MLK Day of Service. Learn more and reflect on your leadership skills at a fireside talk.

UW MLK Day Events
Husky Leadership Firesides
Leadership & Service Learning Opportunities

week 3

Scholarships 101

Scholarships may still be available for this year, and many others offer funding next year for school and related activities.

Search the scholarship database based on your interests and activities. Use the filters to find scholarships that apply to you.

Scholarship Database
Study Abroad Scholarships
Research & Leadership Scholarships
Scholarship Advising

week 4

Considering Study Abroad?

Many students who study abroad say it changed their lives, and sometimes their course of study. Interested? Browse the student study abroad stories below!

Talk to upperclass people about their study abroad experiences to learn what might be in it for you. Or if you’re ready to start planning, check out the Getting Started resource or start looking for a program.

Browse Student Stories
Getting Started with Study Abroad
Find a Study Abroad Program
Upcoming Study Abroad Opportunities

week 5

Internships and Exploration

Want to explore an interest, gain practical experience, and add to your resume? Find an internship — or craft your own!

Learn about internships, and reflect on what you want out of the experience. Use this knowledge to guide you as you explore.

How to Find an Internship
Why Visit the Career and Internship Center Now?

week 6

Revisiting Plans, Exploring Options

Thinking about courses for next quarter? Now is a great time to revisit plans you had when you arrived at UW. Have your interests changed? Are you drawn to something new?

Browse department websites, talk with an adviser, and take courses that interest you. These steps can help you explore majors and potential back-ups. Use MyPlan to track your course options.

Choosing Courses at the UW
UAA Advising
UAA Advising Departmental Advising Directory
U101: How to Choose a Major

week 7

Battle the Winter Blues

With dark skies, cold weather, and increased time indoors, winter can impact both mental and physical health. Reach out if you’re sad, rest if you’re sick. Take steps to boost your winter wellness.

Take owernship for your health and healthy habits — take the Healthy Huskies pledge! Prevent illness and improve your mood by exercising regularly, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and keeping hydrated.

Healthy Huskies Pledge
Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder
24-hour UW Consulting Nurse - (206) 221-2517
Hall Health Services for Students

week 10

Finals: Pace Your Prep

Say no to cramming and say yes to cardio! Prep smart for finals by planning your study strategy: solo review, time with study partners, and time for self-care.

Check out the tips below and make a study plan. Strategizing now can help you retain what you’ve learned and decrease stress.

Proven Tips for Finals Preparation
IMA Hours
Find Study Space with SpaceScout



week 1

Fail Forward

Viewed in the right light, challenges — even failure — can help you develop an attitude of healthy resilience.

Learn the difference between a “fixed” vs. “growth” mindset. How can you apply these concepts to your own life? Learn about the UW Relience Lab efforts on campus.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
Video on Mindset and Success
UW Resilience Lab

week 2

Experience is Golden

Internships and summer jobs can help you gain experience for your resume and money for your bank account.

For inspiration, check out 50 of the most interesting summer internships. See what Career & Internships Center events can help get you started.

Awesome Summer Internships
Career & Internship Center Events
Husky Jobs

week 3

People Power: Connections Count

Engaging with people who influence and challenge your thinking is critical to expanding the breadth and depth of your Husky Experience.

Choose intriguing classes. Make connections with instructors and peers and ask about their research and ideas. Google your profs as a start!

Choosing a Good Prof
Distinguished Teaching Award recipients
Suggested Courses

week 4

Writing & Research Rescue

Anxious about an upcoming paper or project? Get expert advice at any stage.

Chat with a librarian (real-time help 24/7). Make an appointment at a campus writing center, or browse great online resources.

Ask a Librarian
Writing & Research Help
Writing Advice A-Z

week 5

De-stress with Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can boost immunity, increase attention span, and decrease stress.

Mindful breathing can help calm nerves. Close your eyes; take ten slow deep breaths. Inhale through your nose; exhale through your mouth. Focus carefully on each breath.

Video: Meditation 101
Video: UW students talk about mental health and resources
Try Headspace Mindfulness App

week 6

Make the Most of Your Summer

There are lots of ways to gain experience over the next few months. Having fun trying new things!

Consider getting involved with research, mentoring youth, or taking a unique summer job. The resources below can get you started, but also talk to advisers, friends and family. What’s the best summer they ever had?

Research and Mentoring Opportunities
Public Service Opportunities
UW Research Opportunities
Career & Internship Center

week 9

Finals Prep Refresher

Say no to cramming and say yes to cardio! Prep smart for finals by planning your study strategy: solo review, time with study partners, and time for self-care.

Check out the tips below and make a study plan. Strategizing now can help you retain what you’ve learned and decrease stress.

Proven Tips for Finals Preparation
IMA Hours
Find Study Space with Scout

week 10

Celebrate your Growth

You made it! Take a moment to appreciate all the ways you’ve grown — in classes and beyond — during your first year at UW.