Building Strength for the Road Ahead

The UWRL endeavors  to bring the UW community into connection with one another through programming that normalizes the wide-ranging experiences of hardship, failures, and setbacks our community members face through the cultivation of kindness, compassion, and gratitude toward each other and ourselves.

The Big Picture

Responsible, compassionate global citizens ready to face and respond to challenges. Learn more

This Venn diagram serves as conceptual framework for the Resilience Lab’s work. Two circles overlap to show the union between sets. The following words are written across and down the circles to indicate connections between core concepts: 
•      Mindfulness
•      Encourage Innovation
•      Adaptive Coping Strategies after Failure
•      Self-kindness
•      Vulnerability
•      Positive Emotions
•      Compassion
•      Resilience
•      Common Humanity
•      Growth Mindset
•      Sense of Purpose
•      Emotional Intelligence
•      Healthy Connections
•      Self-Awareness
•      Social  Emotional Skills
•      Stress Management 
Emphasis is placed on Compassion, Resilience, and Vulnerability, through a slightly larger font size, since these are the primary initiatives driving research and programming for the Lab. All terms are hyperlinked and defined in a glossary in the Engage section of the website.

Upcoming Events

We encourage you to engage with the work the Resilience Lab is doing. Check out resources and research in the field. Propose partnering opportunities. Attend one of our events. Or join us as a volunteer!