Fail Forward Panels

These popular speaking events feature prominent UW faculty, coaches, administrators, and notable community leaders who share personal stories of the failures and setbacks faced over the course of their careers, and discuss how those experiences have shaped them personally and professionally.

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Seed Grants

Check out our 2018 seed grant recipients! The UW Resilience Lab awards seed grants to support resilience and compassion building initiatives that foster connection and community. These small grants support impactful activities, programming, projects, and/or research that align with the following goals of the UW Resilience and Compassion Initiatives:

  • To cultivate kindness, compassion and gratitude toward each other and ourselves;
  • To engage hardships, setbacks and failures with compassion and vulnerability, and as rich opportunities for learning and growth;
  • To foster connectedness, belonging and community;
  • To embrace both common humanity and diversity within the human experience.

Students, staff and faculty — including administrative and academic units — receive seed grants to fund research, workshops, retreats, activities, faculty-invited speakers or other events tailored for students, faculty and staff.

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A World of Strength: International Students & Cultural Resilience

International students share their individual stories of stamina, strength, and ultimately success in the face of adversity from experiences in their home cultures and at the UW. Participants reflect on what resilience means in their own story and context highlighting cultural strategies for success as a way to expand our understanding of resilience.

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Compassion on Campus

We've used messages of self worth and common humanity to support UW Community members during challenging times. 

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The Vulnerability Collective

UW undergraduate Lauren Mittelman led the first student-developed programming that grew out of the UW Resilience Lab’s efforts. Inspired by the first Fail Forward panel, Lauren collected and curated dozens of otherwise untold stories bravely shared by real UW students, with the goal of creating space for vulnerability and connection.

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Introduction to Resilience in College

This course draws on the Adapt/Persevere/Thrive framework to help students navigate the stress encountered in college so they can be successful in their academic endeavors and beyond.

Experiencing stress can significantly undermine our ability to be our best in any domain of our lives. In addition to the difficulty that can come with life-challenge or adversity, transition and change are often accompanied by higher levels of stress, and attending college can be one of the most transition and change-filled times in our lives.

In an effort to support students' optimal functioning, the Introduction to Resilience in College class draws on the Adapt/Persevere/Thrive framework to guide its content. Specifically, this framework targets reasoning, resources, and routines to support students' resilience, and ensures that students cultivate a sense of awareness, and identify a sense of purpose, ways to experience positive emotions, and healthy attachments and connections to others. Collectively, these components can help students navigate the stressors encountered in college so they can be successful in their academic endeavors and beyond.

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Failure/Gratitude Walls

Students and community members anonymously record and share experiences of academic failures and career ‘face plants’ in spaces set up across campus. The cathartic nature of sharing our shortcomings — whether humorous, profound, or tragic — have helped all those who stop to read them feel a little less alone in our stumble.

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