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Welcome! Transfer students are an important part of the University of Washington Seattle community. Whether you are a prospective applicant, in the process of applying to the UW, or a current transfer student, this site will connect you to the resources and information you need to be successful.

Before You Apply

Are you considering attending the University of Washington as the next step on your educational journey? The UW has a lot to offer. Here's how to get started.


Upon Admission

Congratulations! Welcome to the UW! We realize it is a big decision. Here are some next steps.


Transfer Student Stories

Almodine Thompson, Highline College

My first move was to hang out at the Commuter and Transfer Commons—it's an easy place to build a community that lasts beyond a quarter. I've also been a go-getter by joining ASUW Senate, Transfer Students United, and Furmata. These are three unique communities that I fit into perfectly and between them all I've managed to find my home at the UW. Joining ASUW Senate and then being elected the Senate Liaison to the HUB Board of Representatives has been my favorite experience thus far.

Hergy Mpaande, Highline College Des Moines, WA

UW has several resources that all students must know, but I think every first-year student should be aware of resources such as undergraduate advising office.When I was about to apply for my major, I was advised that I needed to retake a class that I took in college because it didn't transfer as the same class. I talked to my department adviser and he helped me to choose another that filled the requirement and I didn't have to pay for one class twice.

Azal (Lily) Bahadory, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California

Huge class sizes were something new to me. Figuring out better strategies to make myself known as an individual student instead of just another face in the crowd is helping me to better succeed in these classes. I did so by utilizing office hour time with professors. Finally, joining a Transfer FIG has connected me with other students with similar experiences to my own.

Sarah Anderson, Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood

I think that every student should know about the counseling center. I heard about it spring quarter, but I wish I had heard about it sooner and had been encouraged to go at least talk to someone about my first quarter. I experienced Transfer Shock, I barely overcame it, but I had my family’s love and support! Thus far, my favorite Husky memory has been attending football games with my sister.

Lauren Golshan, Shoreline Community College

The UW is amazing and has resources that my community college did not have. I would definitely recommend getting involved and making the most of resources on campus. Joining the Elm Hall Council helped me to feel connected to my residence hall and going to office hours helped to build relationships with my teachers. I also took advantage of the resources at the Career and Internship Center: attending Career Fairs, going through mock interviews and receiving resume critiques. Transferring into the UW is hard at first but totally worth it!

Hannah Coffaro, University of Washington, Bothell

As any transfer student would know, when you transfer you are not in your major anymore and have to reapply. I knew I wanted to be in the Journalism major but there were a few new requirements at UW that I hadn't fulfilled. I think most transfer students know what they want to study or were already in their major at their old school. I encourage you to go to the advising office for your major and ask them questions. It is so helpful get your questions answered and know that you are on track.

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The UW is dedicated to the success of our transfer students. Here are some helpful resources that can guide you and your work with transfer students.


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