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Frequently Asked Questions

CLUE brings students who might not otherwise interact academically and socially into vibrant learning communities with shared academic goals. We work to provide academic support to the full range of UW undergraduates.

Frequently Asked Questions

CLUE stands for "Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment."

We invite all UW Seattle undergraduate students who are currently enrolled to take advantage of CLUE's resources.

Yes, CLUE is a free service for all UW Seattle undergraduates. Undergraduate Academic Affairs and the New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee support our program.

During Summer 2019, you can find us at the Commuter & Transfer Commons (HUB 141).

During the schoolyear, we are primarily located in Mary Gates Hall. We may also offer various hours at the Commuter & Transfer Commons (HUB 141) or at the Othello Commons.

The Academic Support Program's office is found in MGH 161B, in the Center for Undergraduate Advising, Diversity, and Student Success!

For Summer 2019, please see our schedule here: Drop-In Tutoring

During the school year, Exam Reviews and Discussion Sessions are held Sunday through Thursday from 6:30 to 8pm or 8 to 9:30pm throughout Mary Gates Hall. Drop-in tutoring for Chemistry, Math, Physics, and the Writing Center are held from 7pm to 11pm. Drop-in for other areas (namely, Biology, Economics, Computer Science, and Statistics) are also available a handful of times a week--dependent on the quarter. Please check our schedule.

CLUE offers one-one drop-in tutoring for various subjects, discussion sessions, and exam reviews. We also have a writing center.

CLUE's drop-in tutoring service helps students explore course concepts and problems. In collaboration with tutors, students uncover answers in one-on-one and small group settings. Students are invited to come and go as they please. Check our schedule.

Discussion Sessions provide an opportunity to delve deeper into coursework by actively studying, reviewing, and discussing course topics and issues with peers in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the traditional classroom.

We do not offer them during the summer, and during the schoolyear the schedule varies by quarter.

Exam Reviews are different from Drop-In Tutoring and Discussion Sessions. Exam Reviews cover course material and strategies for specific tests. CLUE does not recommend that undergraduates "cram" the night before an exam—learning is a process best accomplished over time. Please utilize your time effectively throughout the quarter and then come to our exam review session prepared. Reminder that this is a free resource to all undergraduates.

We do not offer them during the summer, and during the schoolyear the schedule varies by quarter.

The CLUE Writing Center is an interdisciplinary, drop-in writing center open to all undergraduates. Visit our Writing Center page to learn more.

We do not. All help is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To make the best use of your time, bring any relevant materials to the assignment(s) you are working on. This includes your textbook and lab manual, lecture notes, old tests, calculator, periodic table chart, and lots of pencils. Students visiting CLUE's Writing Center should be sure to bring the assignment prompt, readings for the assignment, and any previous drafts of the paper. All students should have in mind any specific questions they wish to ask of the tutors, discussion session leaders, or exam review leaders. We provide plenty of scratch paper and also have copies of most introductory course textbooks you can borrow on a short-term basis. If you plan to work for an extended period, please be sure to have plenty of water with you and maybe a snack.

We are most interested in helping students deepen their knowledge throughout the quarter (as opposed to right before an exam). However, we do realize students have busy schedules and encourage them to stop by whenever possible.

CLUE Instructors include drop-in tutors, exam review leaders, and discussion leaders, and are experienced undergraduate and current and former graduate students.

Tutors apply the spring quarter before the school year they start working, and exam review leaders and discussion session leaders usually come to CLUE through recommendations from professors, teaching assistants, or peers. All CLUE Instructors maintain high grade point averages and have done exceptionally well in their areas of study. Our staff work part-time and many also tutor in other capacities on campus or privately. Their goal is not to simply provide answers. CLUE Instructors help students explore questions—and uncover answers collaboratively.

We're glad you are interested in helping other students, however we are not currently hiring. Please visit our Work With Us page to learn about qualifications and how to join the CLUE team. 

To become a Discussion Session or Exam Review Leader, you will need to be selected by the Professor/Instructor teaching the course. 

CLUE strives to further UW's mission to facilitate learning in small, comfortable environments. We hope to see you soon!

Please visit our Other Campus Resources page to find other available resources.